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A Current Look at the State of Inequitable Conduct and Other Equitable Concerns
Stacy Lewis, Law Clerk, Finnegan, USA
Melissa Santos, , Finnegan, USA
Jordan Cowger, , Finnegan, USA
Xiaoguang Michelle Gao, Associate VP - Assistant General Patent Counsel , Eli Lilly and Company, USA
A Glance at Some of the Challenges of the GC Role in Pharma
Galit Gonen, Senior Vice President & General Counsel for Teva Europe, Teva Pharmaceuticals, UK
A Patent Sea Change: The First Serving of Major Global Patent Law Changes Begins
Jason Garbell, Senior Patent Counsel, Novozymes AS, Denmark
A Path Through the Forest - The Role of Agency Guidance in Developing Regulatory Compliance Programs
Jack Sorokin, Deputy General Counsel (Retired), Beckman Coulter, Inc, USA
An Effective, Practical Approach to International Competition Law Compliance
Kent Bernard, Member, Bar of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, U.S.A., Kent Bernard, USA
Being Social: The FDA Pronounces on Interactive Promotional Media
Marianne Slivkova, Senior Corporate Counsel, Bristol Myers Squibb, USA
Blocking Effect of the Blocking Act?
Anagha Tendulkar, Patent In- house counsel, Cipla, India
Canadian Risky Business: Why Fair and Predictable Patentable Utility is Critical to Investments and Innovation
Arvie Anderson, Assistant General Patent Counsel, Eli Lilly and Company, USA
Client Centricity & the In-House Lawyer
Kari Loeser, Senior Counsel, Jazz Pharmaceuticals , USA
Covid-19 - Fundamental Rights and Freedoms: From the Adoption of Restrictive Measures to the Day-By-Day Management of Companies
Giorgia Valsecchi, Associate of TMT and Data Protection Department , Morri Rossetti & Associati, Italy
Carlo Impalà, Partner, Morri Rossetti & Associati, Italy
Alessandra Capomagi , Corporate Data Protection Advisor , Recordati S.p.A, Italy
Creating Efficiencies in Drug Discovery and Development Using Artificial Intelligence
Priya Mannan, Associate General Counsel, Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research, USA
Data Protection in the Pharmaceutical Industry: Concerns and Considerations
Leslie Restaino, General Counsel, Validus Pharmaceuticals, USA
Different Approaches to Pricing and Reimbursement of Innovative Pharmaceutical Products in Europe
Renato Dellamano, President, Value Vector, Italy
Digital Media in the Pharmaceutical Industry: Oportunities and Legal Challenges
Marc Bauer, Director & Senior Legal Counsel, Amgen, Switzerland
Doing Business in Brazil
Fatima Picôto, Legal Director Brazil, GlaxoSmithKline Brasil Ltda, Brazil
Enlightening The Jungle: The German Rules on Advertising Pharmaceuticals
Thorsten Witt, Corporate Counsel, Celesio, Germany
GREECE: The claw-back Mechanism
Dimitra Lempesi, Legal Counsel, SFEE, Greece
How Much Value is Your Company Losing? Implementing Effective Intellectual Property Management
Gunnar Wieboldt, Senior Corporate Counsel, Talecris Biotherapeutics, USA
Increased Evolution of Regulations Affecting the Pharmaceutical Law Practice
Jean Frydman, US General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer, Ferring, USA
Induced Infringement under US Patent Law
Jatin Jalundhwala, Joint President Legal and Company Secretary, Adani Group, India
Anagha Tendulkar, Patent In-house counsel, Cipla, India
Left to Their Own Devices
Patrik Plöen, Legal Counsel, Q-Med, Sweden
Legal In-house Digitization/Financial Services
Andreas Weber, Head Cross-border Legal, Emerging Markets and Change-the Bank, UBS, UBS , Switzerland
Making it Stick: How to Provide Legal Advice that Influences Business Decisions
Joshua Axelrod, Corporate Counsel, Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Inc., USA
Managing Compliance Risk in a COVID and Post-COVID World
Tatiyana Akers, Corporate Compliance Consultant, Independent Consultant, USA
Fabiana Lacerca-Allen, SVP Compliance, Aimmune Therapeutics, USA
Laura Hamm, Director, Corporate Compliance, Aimmune Therapeutics, USA
Brenda Crabtree, Associate Director, Compliance Auditing and Monitoring, Aimmune Therapeutics, USA
Mediation as a Dispute Resolution Mechanism in High Tech Industry Collaborations: A Look at Pharma and Biotech
Jukka Muhonen, Director, Global Business Dev.& Alliance Management, Orion Corporation, Finland
More Than Words: Reflections of a General Counsel
Hassan Hassan, Associate General Counsel, GE Healthcare, UAE
Navigating the Headwaters of Intellectual Property Risk in the Pharmaceutical Industry
Simon Jenner, Chief Legal Officer, Acella Pharmaceuticals, LLC, USA
Paper Title International Pharma Congresses during Covid-19
Geraldine Benjamin, English Solicitor, Bailhache Labesse Trustees Ltd, UK
Pharmaceutical Advertising in Denmark - Where did Freedom of Expression go?
Nicolai Ellehuus, Corporate Counsel, Novo Nordisk As, Denmark
Nicolai Ellehuus, Corporate Counsel, Novo Nordisk As, Denmark
Pharmaceutical Ethic Codes: How to draft a Pharmaceutical Ethic Codes without inhibiting your business
Tri Junanto Wicaksono, Legal & GA Manager, PT. Amerta Indah Otsuka, Indonesia
Pharmaceutical Marketing and Transparency in Japan
Marianne Slivkova, Senior Corporate Counsel, Bristol-Myers Squibb Company, USA
Pharmaceutical Patent Protection in Turkey
Gaye Ramazanoglu, Intellectual Property Specialist, Sanovel, Turkey
R&D Based Pharmaceutical Companies Vs. Generic Companies: A False Dichotomy?
Sharon Reiche, Corporate Counsel, Intellectual Property Policy, Pfizer Inc, USA
Sharon Reiche, Corporate Counsel, Intellectual Property Policy, Pfizer Inc, USA
Section 112 Requirements for Life Sciences Patents
Anagha Tendulkar, In-house Patent Counsel, Cipla, India
Self-Regulation of an Industry versus the Rule of Law
Howard Snoyman, Executive Legal Counsel, Solal Technologies (Pty) Ltd, South Africa
South Africa as a Destination of Choice for International Dispute Resolution
Howard Snoyman, Group Legal Executive, Ascendis Health Ltd, South Africa
Standing The Test of Time: Important Considerations in Long-Term Partnering Transactions
Gil Labrucherie, Vice President of Corporate Legal, Nektar Therapeutics, USA
Frank Curtis, Vice President-Law, Nektar Therapeutics, USA
Supported Studies Quid Pro Quo
Ann Turi, Senior Legal Counsel, Legal and Compliance R&D and Medical Legal Team, GSK, USA
The Compulsory Licensing in Russia: The First Precedent Lessons Learned
Elvira Dubovskaya, Fulbright Scholar, n/a, Russia
The Evolution of In-house Legal & IP Departments
Heather Harvey, Lead IP Operations, Syngenta International AG, Switzerland
Nicolas Lalyre, Head Patent Information, Syngenta International AG, Switzerland
Simon Reeves, Head of Trademarks, Syngenta International AG, Switzerland
Michael Kock, Head IP, Syngenta International AG, Switzerland
The Globalization of Clinical Trials - Challenges, Opportunities and a Path Forward
Cara Cuenot, Lead counsel for the BioCorrection Research Unit, Pfizer Inc, USA
Marc Wilenzick, Assistant General Counsel, Regulation and Compliance Section, Pfizer Inc, USA
Justin McCarthy, Senior Vice President and Associate General Counsel, Pfizer Inc, USA
The Impact of the Fraud and Abuse Laws on Pharmaceutical Advertising and Marketing Compliance: A Manufacturer's Perspective
Leslie Restaino, General Counsel, Validus Pharmaceuticals, USA
The new EFPIA Disclosure Code – Is the Need for Transparency Outweighing Data Privacy Compliance?
John Giannakakis, Regional Counsel Southern Europe , Novartis Hellas SACI, Greece
'The Past, the Present, and the Future … Clinical Trials and the Contract Research Organisation (CRO)'
Helen Fovargue, Senior Legal Director, Quintiles, UK
United States Jurisdiction Abroad
Fabiana Lacerca-Allen, Senior Vice President & Chief Compliance Officer, Elan Pharmaceuticals, USA
US and International Codes on Pharmaceutical Marketing Practices and Interaction with Healthcare Professionals - A Comparative Analysis and Outlook on Harmonization by FCPA Enforcement
Roy Birnbaum, Senior Legal Director, Human Health International, Merck & Co, USA
Written Description Requirement of Patentability
Anagha Tendulkar, Patent In-house counsel, Cipla, India