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Acquiring a Danish company - Financing The Acquisition Using the Target's Funds
David Hjortsø, Senior Legal Adviser, Danske Bank, Denmark
Anatomy of a Deal: Good Things Come in Small (and Very Complicated) Packages
Andrew Mayer, Vice President, Legal, Acorda Therapeutics Inc., USA
Jane Wasman, President, International & General Counsel, Acorda Therapeutics Inc., USA
Assessing and Protecting Yourself from the Corruption Risks When Acquiring an Industrial Business
Grégoire Finance, Partner, Willkie Farr & Gallagher LLP, France
Nicolas Tollet, Senior Compliance Officer, Technip, France
Bric Merger Control - The New Regulatory Frontier
Emily Roche, Senior Competition Counsel, Rio Tinto plc, UK
Business Acquisitions in the EU: Key HR Legal Considerations
Leonard Segreti, Senior Corporate Counsel – Labor, CenturyLink, USA
Can you Prepare for Nationalization? 10 Things That YOU Can Do NOW!
Gastón Bilder, Former General Counsel, Empresa Petrolera Chaco SA, Bolivia
Company Law
Andrew Thornton, Barrister, Erskine Chambers, UK
Details Matter: Mitigating M&A Post-Closing Purchase Price Disputes
Jerry Hansen, Partner, Forensic Risk Alliance, USA
Developing Effective Processes to Manage Risk in M&A Transactions
Derek Devgun, Senior Legal Specialist - M&A, Medtronic, Inc., USA
FUELING ORGANIC GROWTH: Business Expansion and Talent Acquisition
Jo Anne Schwendinger, Regional General Counsel APAC & Sub-Saharan Africa, Deere & Company, Singapore
How to Save a Deal: Trends in Negotiating M&A Deal Financials in a World Ever More Full of Uncertainty
Christopher Pierson, Senior Legal Counsel, Airbus, France
Camelia Gardot, Senior Compliance Manager, Airbus, France
Keys to the Successful Acquisition of a Foreign Company
Ronald Prague, Executive Vice President and General Counsel, Synchronoss Technologies Inc., USA
Making M&A a Core Competency
Jeffrey Adelman, Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary, J2 Global, USA
Managing a bid situation
Gareth Williams, Head of Group Legal, Countrywide plc, UK
Merger and Acquisition During Covid 19 Situation – Strange Experience
Abhijit Mukhopadhyay, President (Legal) & General Counsel, Hinduja Group, London, UK
Merger Control in China - Past Practice and Future Developments
Miika Junttila, Senior Legal Counsel, Nokia Siemans Network, Finland
Mergers and Acquisitions Regulation in Cambodia: A Review of the Revised Law Governing Business Combinations
Joseph Lovell, Managing Director, IAO Asia, Cambodia
Recent Trends in US Mergers and Acquisitions Litigation
Kenneth Thompson, Senior Vice President and Global Chief Legal Officer, LexisNexis, USA
Sam Snider, Vice President & Lead Acquisition Counsel, LexisNexis, USA
Recent Trends in US Mergers and Acquisitions: Litigation and Regulatory Actions
Kenneth Thompson, Chief Legal Officer, LexisNexis, USA
Samuel Snider, Vice President & Lead Acquisition Counsel, LexisNexis, USA
Regulatory Challenges in a Cross Border Voluntary Acquisition Offer
Gabriel Khoury, General Counsel and Head of Compliance, Shuaa Capital GMC , UAE
Regulatory risks during M&A projects: A comparison of European, UK and US frameworks
Nikolaos Dounis, Senior Internal Auditor, Cosmote Mobile Telecommunications S.A., Greece
Structures for International Private Equity Investment in the PRC
Joseph Lovell, Corporate Counsel, Origo Partners plc, China
Takeovers in Australia: What the International In-House Lawyer Might Want To Know
Steven Stern, University General Counsel and Secretary, Adjunct Professor, Victoria Law School, Victoria University, Australia
Taking Over a Private Retail Company in Argentina
Eduardo Mariscotti, Legal, Ethics and Compliance Director, Wal Mart, Argentina
That’s Not the Way We Do It Here: Reconciling Sandbagging Provisions for Multinational Buyers
Scott Macbeth, Senior Legal Counsel, The Boston Consulting Group, Inc., USA
The Acquisition of the Publicly-Held Shares of Shell Canada Limited
David Brinley, Vice President and General Counsel, Shell Canada Limited, Canada
Michael Coates, Senior Legal Counsel - Corporate Mergers & Acquisitions, Shell International B.V., Netherlands
The business risk of M&A activity and the role of internal audit function in the risk management process
Nikolaos Dounis, Senior Internal Auditor, Cosmote Mobile Telecommunications S.A., Greece
The Cloven Business: Legal Complexities of Carve-outs in a Business Divestment Context
Camelia Gardot, Senior Legal Counsel, Airbus, France
The Impact of Organizational Culture in M&A Deal
Claudia Marufuji, Legal Director, Flextronics International Tecnologia , Brazil
The New Merger Control Regulations in India
Satish Kumar, Head Legal, Polaris Software, India
Transfer of Business in the Czech Republic
Richard Bacek, Associate General Counsel, Siemens AG, Czech Republic
You Bought It; Now Don’t Mess It Up! A Guide to Improving the Post-Acquisition Integration Process
Sarah Schwartz, Senior Legal Counsel, Mergers and Acquisitions, Amadeus, Spain