Library February 2024

Actionable Insights for Organizations and Compliance Officers Amid AI Evolving Challenges and the Impending EU AI Act
Camelia Gardot, Compliance Partner- Head of Connected Intelligence, Airbus, France
General Counsel’s Role in Mitigating Organisational Burnout
Constance E. Bagley, CEO, Founder, and General Counsel, Bagley Strategic Advisors LLC, USA
Pernille Steen Pedersen, Assistant Professor, CBS, Denmark
Launching a Joint Venture - Reflections and Lessons Learned from a General Counsel Perspective
Andreas Schöpperle, Director, BearingPoint France SAS, France
Henri Tcheng, Head of BearingPoint firmwide Investments and M&A, BearingPoint France SAS, France
David Russell, Principal, BearingPoint Ireland, Ireland
Maintaining Momentum and Managing Risk: Ensuring Business Continuity with your Dispute Resolution Toolbox
Tejus Chauhan, Director, Arbitration and ADR, South Asia and Pacific,, ICC Dispute Resolution Services, Belgium
Vera HE, Deputy Director, Arbitration and ADR, North Asia, ICC Dispute Resolution Services, Belgium
Abbey Hawthorne, Deputy Director, Arbitration & ADR, North America, International Chamber of Commerce, USA
Ulrich Kopetzki, Director, Arbitration and ADR, Europe, International Chamber of Commerce, France
QR Codes: Legal Risks & Mitigation in Marketing Motion Pictures
Kisha Lyons, Attorney, Legal Affairs, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, USA
Rey Rodriguez, Assistant General Counsel, The Walt Disney Company, USA
Setting up (and investing in) Startups in Spain: A Practical Guide
Sancho Guibert, Associate General Counsel, Citibank, Spain