Library Vol.14, No. 56, Summer 2021

“All Sold Out” – Employment Practices: The Virtual Tour
Susan Friedman, Area Vice President & Group Coverage Counsel, Arthur J. Gallagher & Co., USA
A Whole New Approach to Risk Mapping Through Digital Innovation
Jean-Guy Mahaud, VP Compliance, Governance & Digital, TotalEnergies, France
Black Swan: The Aftermath
Safir Anand, Senior Partner and Head of Trademarks, Contractual & Commercial IP, Anand and Anand, India
Considering the Rationale of Incorporating Force Majeure Clauses in Commercial Contracts Between the Parties to a Commercial Contract
Anna Lefcovitch, Solicitor, Arcadis, UK
Professor Charles Chatterjee, Associate Fellow , Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, UK
Contract Design and Simplification – is this now a must-do?
Stefania Passera, Contract Designer, World Commerce & Contracting, Passera Design, Finland
Paula Doyle, Chief Legal Innovation Officer, World Commerce & Contracting , USA
Decentralized Finance and Distributed Autonomous Organizations: on the Rise
Joseph Bambara, Attorney at Law, PowerTouch, USA
Diversity & Inclusion in The New Work Environment
Claudia Marufuji, Legal Director, Flextronics International Tecnologia , Brazil
Drafting Commercial Contracts Some Practical Ideas
Christopher Parr, Director, Courtney Consultancy Ltd, UK
Governing and Innovating for Good: The Public Private Frontier
Anna White, General Counsel, EIT Climate-KIC, UK
Implementing a Robust Compliance Program in a Remote Environment
Fabiana Lacerca-Allen, SVP Compliance, Aimmune Therapeutics, USA
Tatiyana Akers, Associate Director, Compliance, Aimmune Therapeutics, USA
Laura Hamm, Sr. Director, Corporate Compliance, Aimmune Therapeutics, USA
Brenda Crabtree, Associate Director, Compliance Auditing and Monitoring, Aimmune Therapeutics, USA
Individual and Collective Corporate Liability in the European Union and the United States
Anna Wennäkoski, Senior Specialist , Ministry of Transport and Communications , Finland, Finland
IPO from the GC perspective – “a marathon and a sprint”
Neil Murrin, General Counsel and Director, Regulatory Affairs, Trainline PLC, UK
Merger and Acquisition During Covid 19 Situation – Strange Experience
Abhijit Mukhopadhyay, President (Legal) & General Counsel, Hinduja Group, London, UK
Non-Compete Provisions Under The Indian Contract Act and its Applicability: An Analysis
Harish Nambiar, Vice President – Legal, General Counsel (Atos|Syntel), General Counsel (Atos – India) and Compliance Officer, Atos Syntel, India
Research Data Management – An Overview by a Librarian
Sangita Purohit, Head Library, Amrut Mody School of Business Management - Ahmedabad University, India
The Lords of the Ringtones: will one king rule the technology standards of the future?
Adrian Howes, Head of IP and Standards, IP Policy and Advocacy, Nokia Corporation, UK
The New Digital Landscape Digital Smarts – A Post Covid Necessity for Leaders
Jeffery Tan, Group General Counsel, Jardine Cycle & Carriage Limited, Singapore
The Parent Company’s Liability for its Foreign Subsidiary
Haitao Zhang, Director Legal , CNPC America Ltd., Canada