Library Vol.13, No. 53, Autumn 2020

2020s Strategic Patent Portfolio Management - Challenges and Opportunities of a new Decade in a Traditional Product Producing Company
Christian A. Mohr, Head of Group Patents - Germany, Electrolux AB, Germany
Hanns Hallesius, Former Head of IP Electrolux and Senior Advisor Strategic IP Management, Hallesius Consulting, Bromma, Sweden
An Evolutionary Nexus Between Private & Charitable Corporate Governance. Can charities provide thought leadership to a private sector that is questioning the norm of shareholder primacy?
Anna White, General Counsel, EIT Climate-KIC, UK
Brazilian Data Protection Law and its first Impacts
Mariana Silveira Bueno, Legal Manager & DPO, Mindray do Brasil, Brazil
Competition Law Compliance in a Socially Distanced World
Ian Rose, VP Compliance, Volvo Trucks, Sweden
Did You Know That There is The Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity? And Why Should you Care?
Juliette Passer, General Counsel, International Project Development Group, LLC,, USA
Diversifying Charity Business Models: The Changing Role of Legal Counsel at the Intersection of Charity and Social Enterprise
Grace Williamson, Legal Counsel, Save the Children Australia, Australia
Simon Miller, General Counsel, Save the Children Australia, Australia
Sophie Coleman, Senior Legal Counsel, Save the Children Australia, Australia
Executive General Counsels - Lawyers Going Beyond Just Law
Jeffery Tan, Group General Counsel, Jardine Cycle & Carriage Limited, Singapore
Impacts That Social Distancing Rules Resulting from the Pandemic Have had on the Development of Distance Selling of Insurance Products and Effects of the Emergency Legislation Issued in Italy
Cristina Rustignoli, General Counsel , Generali Italia, Italy
Management and Risk Control Framework for Securing Intellectual Assets Transactions.
Prakash Deb Roy, Senior Associate – Legal , Cognizant Technology Solutions, India
Utsab Banerjee, Manager Legal, Cognizant Technology Solutions, India
Managing Compliance Risk in a COVID and Post-COVID World
Tatiyana Akers, Corporate Compliance Consultant, Independent Consultant, USA
Fabiana Lacerca-Allen, SVP Compliance, Aimmune Therapeutics, USA
Laura Hamm, Director, Corporate Compliance, Aimmune Therapeutics, USA
Brenda Crabtree, Associate Director, Compliance Auditing and Monitoring, Aimmune Therapeutics, USA
Negotiating Commercial Terms and Mitigating Risks in Virtual Power Purchase Agreements in The United States
Kingsley Osei, Lead Project Counsel, New York State Large Renewable Energy Consortium, USA
Overview of 2020 Italian Laws in Payment Services andExpected Trends for 2021
Andrea Brancatelli, Assistant General Counsel - Europe, MoneyGram International , Italy
Paper Title International Pharma Congresses during Covid-19
Geraldine Benjamin, English Solicitor, Bailhache Labesse Trustees Ltd, UK
Patent Protection of Plants in AATF Biotechnology Project Countries
Howard Okiror , , African Agricultural Technology Foundation, UK
Aprinah Magarinah Shikoli, , African Agricultural Technology Foundation, UK
Marcelin Tonye Mahop, IP Rights Consultant, African Agricultural Technology Foundation, UK
Alhaji Tejan-Cole, Legal Counsel, African Agricultural Technology Foundation, Kenya
Qui Custodiat Custodiens?
Charles Cowan, Managing Partner, Analytic Focus, USA
Rails Projects: A Rising Need of Contracts to Stay on Tracks
Gilles Mugnier, International affairs director, SNCF, France
Rethinking Bareboat Charter Agreements in the Wake of the Covid-19 Pandemic
Sebastian Ferreyra Romea, Attorney, Ferreyra Romea Attorneys-at-law, Argentina
Juan Francisco Albarenque, Legal Director, National Shipping Argentina, Argentina
Schrems II Judgment on Cross Border Personal Data Flows Under EU-US Privacy Shield Mechanism: Good Diagnosis, Vague Prescription
Subhrarag Mukherjee, Senior Legal Counsel – Strategic Alliances (North America & Worldwide), Hewlett Packard Enterprise, India