Library Vol. 7, No. 25, Autumn 2013

Agile Procurement
Janne Järvenoja, Director, Legal, Avanade, Finland
Are Career Plaintiffs Crippling Golf's Growth?
Raquel Hoover, Intern, Golf Channel, USA
Andrew Fleming, Vice President Business Development and Senior Counsel, Golf Channel, USA
Case Study - Raising New Capital Through Patents
Anders Arvidsson, Director Value Extraction Services, Zacco Denmark A/S, Denmark
Clarity on Key China Issues All Foreign Companies Need to Understand
Randall Lewis, Vice President, International Counsel , ConAgra Foods Inc., USA
Compliance and Clever Risk Taking
Henrik Duedahl Høyer, Compliance Officer, Compliance Management Advokat, LL.M., Nets Holding A/S, Denmark
Enterprise Risk Management: (A Risk Assessment and Management Control Cycle-Determining if your company's risk appetite is too big, too small, or just right!)
Catherine Walberg, Senior Vice President/General Counsel, Physicians Insurance A Mutual Company, USA
'Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining, or Does It?'
Karine Tatoyan, Member, Pennsylvania Bar, USA
Vincent Catanzaro, Senior Counsel, Global Discovery Manager, E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company, USA
Frankenstein or Cinderella, Considering Legal Strategies While Building and Adhering Commercial Relations
Diana Maher, Senior Legal Counsel, Kone Corporation, Finland
Get a Hold of your Global Contract Translation Process for Improved Accuracy, Quality and Fast Delivery
Chanin Ballance, President & CEO, VIA, Inc., USA
I Can Name that Brand in Three Notes: Non-Traditional Trademarks for Traditional Goods
Kathy Belleau, Assistant General Counsel - Intellectual Property and Procurement Legal, Pitney Bowes Inc., USA
Increasing Your In-House Law Department's Efficiency: How Your Clients Can Help You
Axel Viaene, EMEA Legal Director, Corporate Counsel, GrandVision, Netherlands
M&A and the Need for Proper Governance Processes in the Defence/Homeland Security Verticals and the Grave Security Threat to Sovereign Nations - The Most Petrifying Area of National and International Security:
Kishore Vaangal, PhD, Strategic Entrepreneur, Governance Professional and Ethicist, Ram Ram, India
Managing Copyright in the Digital Age of Publishing and Advertising
Fernanda Rocha, Digital Rights Manager, Latin America, Y&R, USA
Pharmaceutical Marketing and Transparency in Japan
Marianne Slivkova, Senior Corporate Counsel, Bristol-Myers Squibb Company, USA
Stormy Digital Weather Ahead: The Forecast for Cross-Border eDiscovery in the Context of Litigation and Regulatory Investigations
M. James “Jim” Daley, Co-founder, Daley & Fey LLP, USA
Laura Clark Fey, Co-founder, Daley & Fey LLP, USA
Alison Wisniewski, Senior Legal Counsel, EPIQ Systems, Inc. , USA
Jayne Rothman, Vice President, Corporate Counsel, EPIQ Systems, Inc. , USA
The Global Impact of the New HIPAA Rules on Cloud Service Providers: A Hypothetical Conversation
Todd Tabor, Sr. Counsel, HP Software, Cloud, and Opensource, Hewlett-Packard Company (HP), USA
The High Tech Team
Louise Pentland, EVP and Chief Legal Officer, Nokia Oyj, Finland
Use of Six Sigma for Continuous Improvement of Compliance Programs
Patricia Eastwood, Senior Corporate Counsel, Caterpillar USA, USA
Wes Blumenshine, Deputy General Counsel of the Legal Services Division of Caterpillar Inc. and General Counsel of Caterpillar Financial Services Corporation, Caterpillar Financial Services Corporation, USA