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Abuse of Veto Rights in Chinese Venture Capital Investment
Bing Xue, Partner & General Counsel, Infinity Equity Group, China
China's Environmental Legislation and Enforcement
Xie Dong, EHS Counsel, General Electric, China
Common Reporting Standards
Steven Yeo, Senior Vice President & General Counsel, Manulife Asia, China
Dealing with Legal Grey Areas (and Selective Enforcement) in China
Brian (Zhou) Chen, General Counsel Greater China, KONE Corporation, China
Diversified False Statements Dispute Resolution Under Chinese Securities Law
Guangdong Cheng, General Counsel, Nanshan Group, China
From Retail to Real Estate-A New Trend in China and its Upcoming Challenge for Legal Departments
Michael Qu, Legal Counsel, Metro AG, China
In-House Legal Counsel and Enterprise Risk Management
Zhang Jianbin, Head of Legal Department, China Telecom Corporation Limited, China
Land Use Rights in China: An Illustration with Mining Activities
Lu Hong, Senior Legal Counsel, Lafarge Mep, China
Benjamin Dornic, General Counsel, Lafarge Mep, China
Managing Legal & Compliance Department in a Medium-Sized Company
Chloe Liu, General Counsel-Region Great China, BSH, China
New Frontier for Foreign Asset Management Companies in China
Bing Xue, Partner & General Counsel, Infinity Equity Group, China
Set-off in the Context of Receivable Financing
Pamlyn Lee, Vice President, Global Corporate & Sales Financing, Huawei Technologies, China
Structures for International Private Equity Investment in the PRC
Joseph Lovell, Corporate Counsel, Origo Partners plc, China
Tears and Cheers - Preliminary Legal Analysis on Patient Groups in China
Xiangjun Kong, Head of Strategic Partnership (Previously Head of Legal), Sanofi China, China
The Era of Compliance in China
Guangdong Cheng, General Counsel, Nanshan Group, China
Wärtsilä Legal Hackathon: Case Study
Nathalia Meyer, Regional Legal Counsel, Wärtsilä Corporation, China