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A Whole New Approach to Risk Mapping Through Digital Innovation
Jean-Guy Mahaud, VP Compliance, Governance & Digital, TotalEnergies, France
Contract Risk and Reality: Working Towards Balance
Terra Potter, Legal Counsel , DNV GL Group, UK
Cybersecurity: Overview of United States Guidelines
Rachel Stern, Senior Vice President, Strategic Resources, General Counsel , FactSet Research Systems Inc., USA
Dolores Longo, Corporate Attorney and Senior Business Analyst, FactSet Research Systems Inc., USA
Enterprise Risk Management and the Role (and Life) of the In-House Counsel
Pete Maloney, Chief Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary, QBE Reinsurance, USA
Enterprise Risk Management: (A Risk Assessment and Management Control Cycle-Determining if your company's risk appetite is too big, too small, or just right!)
Catherine Walberg, Senior Vice President/General Counsel, Physicians Insurance A Mutual Company, USA
First the Bribery Act, now the Banking Reform Act reverses the burden of proof. What can companies do to ensure robust compliance, pre-empt liability, and gain a distinct competitive advantage?
Rob Mason, Partner, Forensic Risk Alliance, UK
Becky Stones, Partner, Forensic Risk Alliance, UK
Derek Patterson, Principal, Forensic Risk Alliance, UK
Toby Duthie, Partner, Forensic Risk Alliance, UK
Intra-Group Communications: An Avenue to More Efficient Legal Risk Management
Michael Ristaniemi, Legal Counsel, Metsä Group, Finland
Kaisa Enkkela, Communications Manager, VR Group, Finland
Is China’s Increased Investment Elevating Latin America’s Risk Profile?
Brian Ross, Associate Director, Forensic Risk Alliance, USA
Jordan Basich, Associate Director, Forensic Risk Alliance, USA
Drew Costello, Partner, Forensic Risk Alliance, USA
Legal Risk Management - Anticipating and Pre-Empting Legal Problems
Aurelia Dragomirescu, Director, Legal, Vodafone Romania, Romania
Legal Risk Management: How can it be Turned into a Competitive Advantage?
Valérie Laurent, Head of Legal Knowledge Management, Total SA, France
Management of Unpaid Debts
Emilienne Salmon, Contract In-House Lawyer, GROSFILLEX Group, France
Anne-Florence Raducault, Partner , Bird & Bird AARPI, France
Celine Gasser, Senior European Counsel, Bird & Bird AARPI, France
Managing Digital Payments Risks
Lara Oyesanya, General Counsel and Chief Risk Officer, Contis , UK
Managing Global Conflict, an overview of the challenges confronting global businesses in the physical security of people, information and assets
Walt Linscott, General Counsel and Secretary, Carestream Health, Inc., USA
Mitigating Risk in Co-Location Engagements
Yusuf Cassim, Vice President, Intellectual Property, Licensing and Contracts, The Charles Schwab Corporation, USA
On the Road to Recovery: Victims of the Madoff Fraud
Josephine Wang, General Counsel, Securities Investor Protection Corp., USA
Smart Risk Assessment for Compliance Risk
Maik Ebersoll, Head of Legal Operations, The Linde Group, Germany
Florian Stork, Associate Senior Counsel – Compliance EMEA, The Linde Group, Germany
Solving the Business Risk Puzzle: Linking Insurance Coverages to Avoid Gaps and Minimize Losses
John Albright, Chief Legal Officer & Corporate Secretary, HUB International, USA
'the Buncefield Aftermath' - Restoring Stability after a Crisis
Jeremy Evans, Director, JECCS Commercial Consultancy Services Limited, UK
The In-House Counsel as Legal Risk Manager and Business Partner: Are These Roles Compatible?
Massimiliano Carpino, Global General Counsel, GUCCI, Switzerland