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Alternative Dispute Resolution Procedures in Russia
Vladislav Gorobinskiy, Head of the Legal Support Department for International Projects, Mediator, New Investment Group LLC, Russia
Dispute between Vivendi/ Aguas del Aconquija SA and the Republic of Argentina. The role of coordinating the strategy for non-legal matters.
Charles-Louis de Maud'Huy, Chairman, Compañía de Aguas del Aconquija, Argentina
Dispute Resolution in International Agreements: Jurisdiction Selection
Eva McHale, Associate, Penningtons Manches Cooper LLP, UK
John Doherty, Partner, Penningtons Manches Cooper LLP, UK
Marcio Fernandes, Assistant General Counsel Commercial and Regional General Counsel Americas, British American Tobacco PLC, UK
Dispute Resolution in Romania - Before and After Accession to the European Union
Andreea Chirita, Legal Counsel, Ministry of Economy and Finances, Romania
Evaluating the Role of Negotiations in the Alternative Dispute Resolution System
Anna Lefcovitch, Solicitor, Arcadis, UK
Professor Charles Chatterjee, Associate Fellow , Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, UK
Going Dutch
Tim Reid, Partner, Ashurst, UK
Ingeborg Kuyvenhoven, General Counsel, Petrobras Oil & Gas B.V., Netherlands
How ADR Can be Used to Resolve Mass Disaster and Insurance Claims
John Pardun, National Business Development Director, JAMS, USA
Lawyers and the Financial Litigation Tsunami
Karl Mackie, Chair of the European Litigation Summit 2009 and Chief Executive, CEDR (Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution), UK
Maintaining Momentum and Managing Risk: Ensuring Business Continuity with your Dispute Resolution Toolbox
Tejus Chauhan, Director, Arbitration and ADR, South Asia and Pacific,, ICC Dispute Resolution Services, Belgium
Vera HE, Deputy Director, Arbitration and ADR, North Asia, ICC Dispute Resolution Services, Belgium
Abbey Hawthorne, Deputy Director, Arbitration & ADR, North America, International Chamber of Commerce, USA
Ulrich Kopetzki, Director, Arbitration and ADR, Europe, International Chamber of Commerce, France
Maritime dispute resolution - a user's view
Francis Sarre, Senior Legal Counsel, CMB, Belgium
South Africa as a Destination of Choice for International Dispute Resolution
Howard Snoyman, Group Legal Executive, Ascendis Health Ltd, South Africa
The Use of Technology in Dispute Resolution
Charlotte Pache, Managing Director, Asia, Merrill Legal Solutions, Hong Kong
When a Settlement Agreement May Unsettle Everything
Anna Lefcovitch, Solicitor, Arcadis LLP , UK