The EPCM Delivery Model: A Contractor’s Perspective

Ritankar Sahu, Corporate Counsel - Asia, Jacobs Engineering Group, Singapore

Construction has always been a risky and disputes-prone business, but today’s commercially volatile market has kicked up a whole range of additional risks, creating ever more cases where time and costs go beyond what was initially agreed. Construction projects operate their own version of opposites: the Contractor and the Employer. While both sides tend to benefit from successful completion, each may have potentially conflicting financial objectives: the Contractor will seek to maximize profit while the Employer will wish to minimize costs. Both parties would do well if they recognise this at a pre-contractual stage and take measures to create a commercially palatable yet balanced contract framework prior to commencement of a project. Every eventuality is unlikely to be anticipated at project start and usually some provisions may be inadequate.

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Contract Construction September 2016 Vol. 9, No. 36, Summer 2016

Ritankar Sahu


Ritankar Sahu is the Regional Corporate Counsel with Jacobs Engineering Group’s Asia operations, based in Singapore. In addition to strategic business governance counsel, Ritankar focuses his practice on bids and execution support, contracts management, i

Contract Construction September 2016 Vol. 9, No. 36, Summer 2016