The Innovation and Development of In-house Legal Teams: Sharing Legal Resources Within Local Authorities-Camden Council's Experience

Breellen Warry, Assistant Solicitor, London Borough of Camden, UK

Local government has been subject to constant change over the past few decades. More recently, and pertinently, an ongoing theme in the planning reforms of 2004, is a recognition of the 'place shaping role' that local authorities play in their communities, a role particularly highlighted in 'Planning for a Sustainable Future: White Paper'. 'Place-shaping' is said to involve local authorities considering how they can respond to local priorities and meet the challenges of the future. In order to achieve this, it is recognised that local authorities will need to bring together various local agencies, from across the public sector, community and voluntary sector and the private sector to work in partnership. This partnership approach is considered vital in enabling authorities to respond to and tackle local issues and challenges.

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