Managing Conflict of Interest

Nabil Mogharbel, Legal Consultant, The Savola Group, UAE

The issue of the conflict of interests has occupied the minds of a large number of investors who fear that their investment interests may conflict with those of chief or senior executives. This issue has escalated further into fear on the part of some that a conflict of interests may arise even on the public and private scales. Hence, we can define the term ''conflict of interests'' as a situation in which a decision is affected by a material or moral interest of a chief or senior executive, or in other words those who may be defined as (Decision Makers) or their kin or those with whom they have business relations allowing them access to an establishment's future plans, hence a greater insight into the future of that establishment. Therefore, the principal recommendations of international reports focused on the role of governments in activating the laws on the conflict of interests with a view to avert a negative reflection on public faith in executive bodies.

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