The Development of Public Private Partnership Projects - Impact on the In-House Counsel

Ouahida Bendjedou, Senior Legal Counsel, Bouygues Group

The development of science, technology and economic growth have always been a leitmotiv for many countries to prove they are wealthy and growing countries, these progresses having often been expressed towards highly equipped public infrastructure facilities and efficient public services provided.

However, the race against the continuing development of new technologies, and the need for public authorities to meet these new technologies requirements through their public infrastructure facilities, led a lot of countries to a serious level of indebtedness which grew rapidly during the macroeconomic dislocation of the 1970s and 1980s and which could have not been covered by the sole public revenues.
In Europe, with the entry into force of the Maastricht Treaty and the adoption of the euro as the unique currency, the European Union Member states have been asked to conform to an economic and budget discipline, particularly by reducing their public debt below 60 % of their gross domestic product.

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France Project Management Construction October 2010 Vol. 4, No. 13, Autumn 2010

Ouahida Bendjedou


Ouahida Bendjedou, Graduated from Aix-en-Provence Law School. Master degree in International Business Law, Master degree in Business Law, taxation and accountancy and an international in-house counsel diploma, in 2004. Joined the Legal Affairs and Compliance Department of BOUYGUES CONSTRUCTION in 2005.

Bouygues Group


Bouygues Construction is a subsidiary of the Bouygues group, is one of the world's leaders in the building, civil works and electrical contracting and maintenance sectors. Organized as seven complementary entities, it has proven expertise in financing, designing, constructing, maintaining and operating buildings and structures, offering its customers a vast range of innovative solutions. The Group is addressing the environmental challenges confronting its businesses through a pragmatic and far-reaching approach, which covers the design, construction and operation of buildings and structures for which it is responsible. It has the firm ambition of being a leader in terms of sustainable development. With 52,600 employees throughout the world, the Group generated sales of 9.5 billion Euros in 2009.


France Project Management Construction October 2010 Vol. 4, No. 13, Autumn 2010

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