Investigations through Investigator’s Lens

Khyati Sharma, Workplace Investigator, Accenture Solutions Pvt Ltd

With ILO establishing new global standards for ending violence and harassment in the world of work the importance of “Speak Up” has further become one of the core goal of corporate to strive. In the dynamic environment of twenty first century corporates have in no time realized the importance of “Speak Up culture” and relevance of building up the confidence in employees to “Speak up”. To warrant that employees have confidence in organisation’s grievance resolution management mechanism, workplace investigation plays a significant role. The article delves into understand how an organization can strengthen its Speak Up culture to reap benefits.

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Investigations IT September 2023 Vol.16, No. 64, Summer 2023

Khyati Sharma


Khyati Sharma is a qualified attorney in India with eight years of legal experience. She is an in-house lawyer as a workplace investigator in Accenture's Global Conduct Count Matters team and investigates matters pertaining to code of conduct violation. In her past stint, she has been in the role of Ethics officer, wherein, inter alia, she has conducted numerous workplace investigations, fraud investigations, investigations under POSH Act and also acted as Presiding Officer of Internal Complaints Committee to investigate sexual harassment cases, managed compliances and employment law related nuisances.

Investigations IT September 2023 Vol.16, No. 64, Summer 2023