Smart Farming and Managing Data

Skylar Schossberger, J.D. Candidate , University of Idaho College of Law, Smart Farming and Managing Data
Steven Schossberger, General Counsel and Vice President, Oregon Potato Company, Smart Farming and Managing Data

You may find walking down the frozen food aisle of a grocery store less than extraordinary. Unless, of course, you are particularly hungry. Hungry or not, if you consider that an intense agricultural revolution 12,000 years ago would eventually lead to those frozen fruit and vegetable packets in your cart, then a frozen food aisle can feel more than extraordinary. By chance you ever find yourself confronted with photographer Irving Penn’s “Frozen Foods” still life collection, you may never consider how those frozen fruits and vegetables were once the product of careful cultivation (and how they likely met a most ignoble end in one of Vogue’s garbage cans).

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USA Data Management Agriculture December 2022 Vol.15, No. 61, Autumn 2022

Skylar Schossberger


Skylar Schossberger graduated from Middlebury College Magna Cum Laude in 2020. Prior to law school, Skylar studied International Terrorism in Copenhagen, Denmark and worked as a technology public relations intern in Munich, Bavaria, Germany. Now Skylar is a third-year law student at University of Idaho College of Law pursuing a J.D. with a Business Law Emphasis focused on Intellectual Property Law. In her free time, Skylar enjoys practicing yoga and producing electronic music.

Steven Schossberger


Steven Schossberger serves as General Counsel and Vice President for Oregon Potato Company and its family of companies. Steve is responsible for overseeing all legal components of the companies, including litigation, acquisitions, employment, labor and industry, government regulatory, intellectual property, and more. See LinkedIn profile.

Oregon Potato Company


OPC is family owned and headquartered in the beautiful Pacific Northwest of the United States. OPC started over 40 years ago as a small family farming operation and has been blessed to grow significantly to be one of the largest suppliers of frozen food in the United States, and internationally. OPC and its family of companies has a network of food processing plants throughout the states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Michigan and Canada. See

University of Idaho College of Law


The University of Idaho College of Law is the law school of the University of Idaho, with its main location in Moscow and a second campus in the state capital of Boise.

USA Data Management Agriculture December 2022 Vol.15, No. 61, Autumn 2022

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