The Path to Compliance Success

Lorena Cobiella, Senior Consultant, Exemplify Consulting LLC, Switzerland
Michael Fawlk, Founder & CEO, Exemplify Consulting LLC, Switzerland

Suddenly your ever growing portfolio of responsibilities includes ethics and compliance. How should you look at the existing program or start to build a program? What does success look like? How important is this in the greater scheme of things: is it a “nice to have” or something that is vital to the wellbeing of the organization you serve? To help answer these questions we set out our thoughts on eight of the bricks that pave the way to compliance success, starting with a robust risk assessment

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Switzerland Compliance General October 2022 Vol.15, No. 61, Autumn 2022

Lorena Cobiella


Lorena Cobiella is a seasoned corporate inhouse lawyer and a compliance expert with international experience at Philip Morris International Inc. Lorena is admitted to practice in Spain.

Michael Fawlk


Michael Fawlk was the first Chief Compliance Officer and a former Vice President & Associate General Counsel at Philip Morris International, Inc. Michael is a Solicitor admitted to practice in England & Wales and Hong Kong.

Exemplify Consulting LLC


Exemplify Consulting supports Law and Compliance functions across a range of legal, regulatory and compliance challenges. Our approach is grounded in the idea that solving complex challenges requires an understanding of dynamic relationships over time and the context of those relationships. Taking this systems approach allows us to see the whole, to connect the dots, drive informed decision making and navigate the complexity that characterizes corporate life.

Switzerland Compliance General October 2022 Vol.15, No. 61, Autumn 2022

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