Competition Law, Policy & Regulation – Digital Age

Vijayalakshmi Natarajan, Senior Director, Legal, India & Asia Pacific Harman International ( Samsung Company), India

Digitisation has led to emergence of new possibilities, new opportunities and new business models. Digital landscape has transformed and personalised the way we communicate socialise, work, shop, trade, travel, invest, access information and consume news This is made possible by dynamic, highly sophisticated, and smart algorithms. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can enhance competition by facilitating targeted advertising, rapid competitive responses to consumer’s online search, discounts and dynamic prices, which may ultimately provide more competition, lower prices and better quality of products and services, more choices for customers.

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Competition Manufacturing October 2021 Vol.14, No. 57, Autumn 2021

Vijayalakshmi Natarajan


Vijayalakshmi Natarajan is a Senior Director, Legal – India & Asia Pacific Region with Harman (Samsung) based in Bangalore, India and a member of board of the director. She heads the legal function for the APAC region, enables business expansion and growth in compliance with legal & regulatory framework across countries. Previously he worked with companies like Microsoft, and Fidelity. Her area of specialisation include mergers & acquisition, corporate and commercial laws, intellectual property rights, technology laws, cyber security and data protection. She actively participates in policy advocacy programs specifically on completion law, data protection, privacy and cyber security. She was awarded "Chevening Gurukul- Leadership & Excellence" Fellowship ,Oxford University. She is a gold medalist in Masters in Law (International & Constitutional Law), from University of Madras

Competition Manufacturing October 2021 Vol.14, No. 57, Autumn 2021