Diversifying Charity Business Models: The Changing Role of Legal Counsel at the Intersection of Charity and Social Enterprise

Grace Williamson, Legal Counsel, Save the Children Australia
Simon Miller, General Counsel, Save the Children Australia
Sophie Coleman, Senior Legal Counsel, Save the Children Australia

When we first thought about drafting this article, in a world prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, charities were already facing dramatic organisational challenges. New players and technologies had disrupted the sector, traditional funding streams were in decline and the competition for funding was ever increasing. At the same time, entrenched inequality and protracted humanitarian crises were driving demand on charities to an all-time high. Since then, the Covid-19 pandemic has created new operating challenges for charities – as it has for almost all sectors – and has also brought to bear the urgent need for charities to reckon with the pre-existing changes to the political, social and financial context which have been eroding the viability of many traditional forms of charitable operations.

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Australia Regulation Charity October 2020 Vol.13, No. 53, Autumn 2020

Grace Williamson


Grace Williamson is Legal Counsel at Save the Children Australia. Grace is currently undertaking a Master of Public and International Law at the University of Melbourne and holds a BA/LLB (Distinction) from the University of Western Australia. Prior to Save the Children, Grace practiced commercial law at Linklaters in London where she worked in the dispute resolution team. Grace also ran pro bono matters for a London community legal centre and female education charity Camfed International, and volunteered at Redress, a human rights law organisation.

Simon Miller


Simon Miller is General Counsel for Save the Children Australia, one of Australia’s largest aid and development agencies dedicated to helping children. Simon is a senior legal professional who has worked as a commercial advisor in international law firms in London and for over a decade as a legal advisor for World Vision and Save the Children. Simon holds a Masters of Public and International Law from the University of Melbourne. (detailed bios to be provided)

Sophie Coleman


Sophie Coleman is a senior lawyer with Save the Children Australia. Sophie holds a Bachelor of Arts and Laws from Monash University, and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Melbourne. In 2011, Sophie co-founded Create Impact, a charity working with remote communities in Ethiopia on education, health and water projects. Sophie is also a board member of Aardvark Music, a charity that helps vulnerable young people to expand their identity and wellbeing though music.

Save the Children Australia


Save the Children is one of the world's largest humanitarian aid and development agencies working with children.

Australia Regulation Charity October 2020 Vol.13, No. 53, Autumn 2020