‘Right of Access to the Site Under FIDIC – How To Properly Cooperate in the Investment Process’

Grzegorz Pawlowski, Legal and Corporate Affairs Director, DCT Gdansk SA, Poland

Contemporary infrastructural investment projects are characterized by the increasing complexity of innovative technological and architectural solutions of the objects being the main subject of implemented undertakings. The high level of complexity of the entire investment process consisting of a series of inseparable activities based on mutual dependencies between engaged participants is a great organizational challenge that enforces the necessity of ever more efficient coordination of activities, and consequently, responsibility for the decisions. From the investor's perspective, the multiplicity of entities involved in the project’s implementation leads to a blurring of liability. This significantly hinders seeking of damages and indication of the direct damage perpetrator, most often related only to a fragment of a larger whole, which is a ready and fully functional building object corresponding to the contractually agreed requirements and technical standards.

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Contract Construction February 2019 Vol.12, No. 46, Winter 2019

Grzegorz Pawlowski


Grzegorz Pawlowski, Legal and Corporate Affairs Director - DCT Gdansk, Poland A graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun, a lawyer committed to civil, commercial and corporate law in business and investment enterprises, including employee relations. As part of his professional activity, he is involved in ensuring corporate, legal and financial security of the company's investment process. Also responsible for comprehensive procurement procedures, as well as maximizing the absorption of non-returnable funding and minimizing business risks associated with the acquisition of EU funds. He takes part in representing DCT Gdansk in external contacts with the media and conducting activities towards ensuring lon-lasting partnership in the field of sustainability and social responsibility (CSR). He is responsible for building and maintaining relationships with business organizations and industry associations as well as trade unions. He twice conducted negotiations with the trade union organization on the employer's side as part of a collective dispute and effective negotiations concluded with the signing of the collective labor agreement. He publishes in professional magazines in the field of civil, commercial and EU law as well as employee relations.

Contract Construction February 2019 Vol.12, No. 46, Winter 2019