Anti-Bribery & Corruption Rules and Legislation in Turkey
Eda Ozogul, Legal Counsel, BP Petrolleri A.S, Turkey
Antitrust Damages Actions in Europe Pitfalls and Opportunities From a Corporation's Point of View
Peter Bergson, General Counsel & Secretary, Orc Software AB, Sweden
Balancing the Baby and the Bathwater, a Risk-Based Approach to Subsidiary Corporate Governance
James Kruger, Executive Director, Global Head of Legal Macquarie Securities Group, Macquarie Securities Group, Hong Kong
Compliance: A Restated Definition
Guido De Clercq, Deputy Secretary General, GDF Suez, France
Doing business in Mexico in 2012 under recent changes in key legislation
Leonardo Medellin Camarena, Assistant General Counsel-Corporate Finance, Daimler Mexico, México
Marcela Barreiro Castellanos, Assistant General Counsel-Litigation, Daimler Mexico, México
José Gutiérrez, General Counsel & Secretary, Daimler Mexico, México
e-Discovery - tips to a successful strategy:
Frances McLeod, Co-founding Managing Partner, FRA (Forensic Risk Alliance), UK
Greg Mason, Co-founding Partner, FRA (Forensic Risk Alliance), USA
Electronic Documents as Evidence: an issue for all in-house counsel to consider
Allison Stanfield, In-House Counsel, Australia Pty Ltd, Australia
Allison Stanfield, In-House Counsel, Australia Pty Ltd, Australia
FCPA, UKBA and Other Four-Letter Words: Anti-Corruption Laws in a Global Economy
Susan Friedman, Senior Vice President & Employed Lawyers Practice Leader, Marsh Inc, USA
Machua Millett, Senior Vice President, Marsh Inc, USA
FIVE KEYS known as 5S - a way of Total Quality Environment
Bala Balakrishnan, In-House Counsel, Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, India
General Counsel: Challenge to Stay Focused in a World of Organizational Distractions, Limitations and Restrictions
Bruce Ortwine, Joint General Manager and General Counsel, Sumitomo Trust & Banking Co, USA
Managing Legal Risks Associated with Private Banking in Asia
Jonathan Boswell, Head of Legal, Barclays Asia - Wealth, Commercial Contracts and Litigation, Barclays Bank Plc, Singapore
Meeting the Challenges of European Union Anti-trust Compliance with Technical Innovation
David Kemp, Executive Director of Legal Policy, Autonomy Corporation plc, UK
Redrawing the Boundaries: Dodd-Frank's Impact on the Regulatory Framework of the Energy Market
Andreas Gustafsson, Vice President, Office of General Counsel, NASDAQ OMX, Sweden
Aaron Horn, Legal Counsel, Office of General Counsel, NASDAQ OMX, Sweden
Role of In-House Counsel in Transnational Operations
Philip Kessack, Senior Counsel, Americas Business Lines, AECOM, USA
Set-off in the Context of Receivable Financing
Pamlyn Lee, Vice President, Global Corporate & Sales Financing, Huawei Technologies, China
Striking the Right Balance Between Co-Operation and Competition: Several Antitrust Pitfalls in R&D Alliances and Other Strategic Partnerships
Iohann Le Frapper, General Counsel Networks Group, Alcatel, France
Transparency and Fair Competition of Procurement.
Yulianna Vertinskaya, Legal Counsel, Alstom Russia, Russia
Utilizing a Legal Technology Platform for Strategic Legal Department Management
Mark Poag, General Counsel, DataCert, Inc., USA