A View From the Coal-Face: Corporate Governance Issues in Charging Out and Incentivising In-House Counsel
Jürg Gassmann, Rechtsanwalt, , Switzerland
Approaches to contracting: does the tail sometimes wag the dog?
Frank Sanford, In-house Counsel, Mediterranean Shipping Company, Switzerland
Automation of Non-disclosure Agreements: A Roadmap for a Legal Department to Gain Advantage Using AI (Artificial Intelligence)
Claudio Elia, Legal Director, STMicroelectronics International N.V., Switzerland
Being not Just a General Counsel but also a Commercial Advisor
Viola Teppati, Corporate Lawyer and Key Account Manager, Contrad Swiss SA, Switzerland
Corporations and Their Governance Between History and Practice
Stefano Catelani, Corporate Counsel, DuPont, Switzerland
Creating a Legal Smart Grid
Iain Jacobs, Managing Director, Contract Centre, Switzerland
Creating Effective and Sustainable Outside Counsel Relationships
Michael Fawlk, Founder & CEO, Exemplify Consulting LLC, Switzerland
Cyber Security: A Practical Viewpoint
Iain Jacobs, Managing Director, The Contract Centre, Switzerland
Nicolas Grunder, Group Head Legal, Software and IT, ABB, Switzerland
Digital Media in the Pharmaceutical Industry: Oportunities and Legal Challenges
Marc Bauer, Director & Senior Legal Counsel, Amgen, Switzerland
E-Commerce. Nearly a year with the EU Geo-blocking Regulation
Ivan Lebedev, Legal Counsel EMEA, Acer European Holdings SA, Switzerland
Exclusion of Liability for 'Consequential Loss'
Christopher Parr, Director, Courtney Consultancy Ltd, Switzerland
Fighting Back Against Misleading Competitor Advertising: How Garmin Successfully Navigated a Route to Banning Misleading Claims by TomTom in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.
Andrew Etkind, General Counsel, Garmin, Switzerland
From Backstage to Lead Role: The Emergence of In-House Counsel in Executive Management
Morgan Deane, Chief Executive Officer & President of the Executive Board (Former International Head of Legal & Compliance), Helvea-Baader Bank Group, Switzerland
From Legal Compliance to Cultural Competitiveness: The Role of the General Counsel in Risk Management
Thomas Emch, General Counsel, Conzzeta AG, Switzerland
How Legal Departments can Strategically Contribute to Corporate Success
Christian Haitz, Senior Group Counsel, HERITAGE B, Switzerland
International Insurance Programs - Legal Frictions and Solutions
Martin Strnad, Head Legal Global Corporate, Zurich Insurance Company, Switzerland
Legal In-house Digitization/Financial Services
Andreas Weber, Head Cross-border Legal, Emerging Markets and Change-the Bank, UBS, UBS , Switzerland
Negotiating IT Contracts – A Walk to Canossa?
Martin Frey, General Counsel, Crealogix AG, Switzerland
PEP Talk: Dealing with a Politically Exposed Person on your Team
Jürg Gassmann, Principal, Gassmann Consulting, Switzerland
Platform-Enabled Commerce: Unlocking Economic Opportunity Through Independent Internationalisation of Small Enterprises
Hanne Melin Olbe, Director Global Public Policy, eBay Inc., Switzerland
Regulatory Challenges in the introduction of the GSM services onboard aircraft
Yulia Koulijova, General Counsel, OnAir, Switzerland
Smart Contracts – Self-Executing Contracts of the Future?
Jelena Madir, General Counsel, Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, Switzerland
Sustainability Management: The Role of the Legal Department
Federico Piccaluga, General Counsel, Duferco Participation Holdings SA, Switzerland
The Evolution of In-house Legal & IP Departments
Heather Harvey, Lead IP Operations, Syngenta International AG, Switzerland
Nicolas Lalyre, Head Patent Information, Syngenta International AG, Switzerland
Simon Reeves, Head of Trademarks, Syngenta International AG, Switzerland
Michael Kock, Head IP, Syngenta International AG, Switzerland
The Implementation of the Swiss Popular Initiative "Stop Mass Immigration" within the Swiss Federal Railways SBB
Isabelle Sob, Legal Counsel, Swiss Federal Railways SBB, Switzerland
The In-House Counsel as Legal Risk Manager and Business Partner: Are These Roles Compatible?
Massimiliano Carpino, Global General Counsel, GUCCI, Switzerland
The Path to Compliance Success
Lorena Cobiella, Senior Consultant, Exemplify Consulting LLC, Switzerland
Michael Fawlk, Founder & CEO, Exemplify Consulting LLC, Switzerland