2020s Strategic Patent Portfolio Management - Challenges and Opportunities of a new Decade in a Traditional Product Producing Company
Hanns Hallesius, Former Head of IP Electrolux and Senior Advisor Strategic IP Management, Hallesius Consulting, Sweden
Antitrust Damages Actions in Europe Pitfalls and Opportunities From a Corporation's Point of View
Peter Bergson, General Counsel & Secretary, Orc Software AB, Sweden
Arbitration Under art. 81 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union
Giulio Palermo, LLM in International Commercial Arbitration, Stockholm University, Sweden
Blockchain: From 'Why' to 'What' and Regulating 'How'
Jimmy Kvarnström, Head of Nordic/Baltic Legal, NASDAQ, Sweden
Andreas Gustafsson, Senior Vice President, Chief Counsel Europe Nasdaq, NASDAQ OMX, Sweden
Competition Law Compliance in a Socially Distanced World
Ian Rose, VP Compliance, Volvo Trucks, Sweden
Consumer Empowerment in The Internet of Things: A Silent Unfolding of a 'New Normal' Where Code Trumps Rights?
Hanne Melin, Director Global Public Policy, eBay Inc., Sweden
Dealing with Legal Grey Areas (and Selective Enforcement) in China
Brian Belanger, V.P. & Senior Corporate Counsel, Asia Pacific Region, Husqvarna AB Group of Companies, Sweden
Functions of a Trademark- a way of seeing life?
Nina Barzey, IP lawyer, Sandvik Intellectual Property AB, Sweden
Left to Their Own Devices
Patrik Plöen, Legal Counsel, Q-Med, Sweden
Legal Support on a Multi-Billion IT Outsourcing Project
Siw Hendriks, Retired In-House Counsel (former Head of Legal IT), Shell, Sweden
Navigating Through EU Outsourcing Regulations when Considering Cloud Migration of Services
Sofia Skroubi, Senior Associate General Counsel, Nasdaq , Sweden
Negotiating and Drafting an Agreement from a Swedish Law Perspective in Comparison with Agreements Drafted in Common Law Jurisdictions
Silvina Peñaloza Isacson, Legal Counsel, BSH Home Appliances, Sweden
New Framework for Outsourcing – A Challenge for Banks and Service Providers in the Interface Between technological Development and Regulatory Activism
Ola Espelund, General Counsel, Marginalen Bank, Sweden
Open Telecom Standardization - How to work with patents - From patent prosecutors to intellectual asset strategists
Christian Arkelius, In-house European Patent Attorney, Ericsson, Sweden
Real Control Over Litigation: Practical Steps to Leverage Your Power as a Client in Today's Market
Gustaf Lagercrantz, Head of Contracts, Net Insight AB, Sweden
Redrawing the Boundaries: Dodd-Frank's Impact on the Regulatory Framework of the Energy Market
Andreas Gustafsson, Vice President, Office of General Counsel, NASDAQ OMX, Sweden
Aaron Horn, Legal Counsel, Office of General Counsel, NASDAQ OMX, Sweden
Reflections on cross border integration of organizations in a highly regulated environment and in particular legal department's role
Magnus Billing, General Counsel, OMX Group, Sweden
Small-scale Farmers and the Impact of Intellectual Property Rights Protection in Industrial Agriculture
Michael Lanser, Senior Legal Counsel, Skandia Mutual Life Insurance Company, Sweden
Some Reflections on Insurance Guarantee Schemes Compatibility with EU’s Constitutional Protections of Business and Property
Michael Lanser, Senior Legal Counsel, Skandia Mutual Life Insurance Company, Sweden
The Digital Associate of Law Firms and the Benefits for In-house Counsel
Ann Björk, Consultant, Virtual Intelligence VQ AB, Sweden
Helena Hallgarn, CEO, Consultant, Virtual Intelligence VQ AB, Sweden
The Next Governance Reform: How we create policy for uncertainty by enabling, learning and analysing
Hanne Melin, Policy Strategy Counsel EMEA eBay Inc
The Notion of Res Judicata in Investor-State Arbitration
Michael Lanser, Senior Legal Counsel, Skandia Mutual Life Insurance Company, Sweden
Towards a Society-Oriented Capitalism: Do Cooperatives and Mutuals Match Particularly Well from a Corporate Law Perspective?
Michael Lanser, Senior Legal Counsel, Skandia Mutual Life Insurance Company, Sweden
Who Is Responsible For A Company's Prospectus When The Company’s Shares Have Been Admitted For Trading On A Regulated Market?
Andreas Blomquist, Legal Counsel, NASDAQ OMX, Sweden